What Our Clients Are Saying…

I’ve got my laughter back!

I have had huge issues at work as the result of a theft at work which I reported. For the last 8 months my management have behaved appallingly and until recently I have struggled every day to go to work to the role I love. Last week I picked up the courage to go to the Crisis Clinic, and without doubt, they have turned my life around. I have taken back control of both the situation and my managers!!! I can so easily recommend the Crisis Clinic to anyone struggling to cope ..... and I just love that they have bought back my ability to laugh easily ❤️❤️❤️

Christine, Operations administrator, Nottingham.



It Seems You’ve Fixed Me!!

I had the best night's sleep in a long time. First time I've not woken up until after 8am for a long time!!! Feel much better. No visions anymore at any time. I can now run through the incident with no issues...it seems you've fixed me!!

David, Ex-forces, Nottinghamshire.

‘An incident caused me issues’

'I have attended all manner of incidents, but I recently dealt with an incident that caused me issues. I had constant reminders of it and it started to interfere with my private and work life. I had a vision in my head 24hrs a day that i just couldn’t get rid of. I considered the GP, asking for help, and thought about going off sick. I broke down at work and sought help internally and was directed to the Crisis Clinic. After a quick online questionnaire i was asked to phone to make an appointment. The day arrived and i didn’t know what to expect, but after three hours at the Crisis Clinic I no longer feel or suffer the issues I did, and life is back on track. An unexpectedly simple process provided relief for me - Much quicker than a GP visit and then onward referral. I really can’t praise or thank them enough.'

Steve, Police Officer, Nottingham.


‘I had been struggling…’

'I had been struggling with a traumatic event that affected my life on a daily basis. One session with the crisis clinic has made an unbelievable difference; I no longer have flashbacks, I can talk openly about what happened, I feel calmer and have less anxiety. I was nervous before the session but the process was explained to me fully before we began and i was made to feel completely at ease. We went at my pace and i felt in control the whole time. I can't recommend the Crisis Clinic enough.'

Leanne, Support Worker, Mansfield.